12 Fragen an: Bluebrain

Der Begriff „Augmented Reality“ wird ja in letzter Zeit recht inflationär für dies und das verwendet, aber das, was die Musiker der Band Bluebrain geschaffen haben, ist wirklich fazinierend und trifft des Pudels Kern: Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie machen einen Spaziergang im Central Park und starten die iPhone App von Bluebrain. Abhängig von Ihrem jeweiligen aktuellen Aufenthaltsort, hören Sie nun das Rauschen der Blätter, orchestrale Kompositionen, die scheinbar von Statuen ausgehen, oder das Plätschern von Wasser am Kerbs Boathouse. Ein wundervoller und kreativer Echtzeit-Soundtrack der Welt, die uns umgibt. Wir sind begeistert und haben Bluebrain gebeten, an unserer Interviewserie teilzunehmen.

Und hier unsere 12 Fragen an Bluebrain:

  1. how did you get started?
    We’ve been playing music together since we were 10 and 11 years old. We were instantly drawn to the recording side of it and would experiment with splicing audio and putting things in reverse. At a certain point we decided to explore how our music could incorporate video, technology and participation.
  2. were do you find your inspiration?
    It really depends on the project. For our series of Location Aware Albums its been really inspiring spending time at The National Mall and Central Park. The diversity of people all enjoying a public space is just such a beautiful idea. Everyone has a different story.
  3. what is a luxury for you?
  4. what is your favourite place in the world?
    9.381356° N, 84.145411° W
  5. what do you collect?
    Sounds. We have an enormous library of sampled sounds that we’ve been building since we were was pre-teens. Personally, it really ties the music to a specific time and place when you use sounds from outside the studio.
  6. has your approach changed over the years?
    I think the core of how we work has stayed the same. We always start by kicking around conceptual and melodic ideas or sketches and then we hatch a plan on how to execute them. Certainly the process has changed and will continue to change with each new technological development but I think we will always start by saying,“ You know what would be great…“
  7. what bores you?
    We don’t really have time to be bored.
  8. did you always wanted to be a designer/photographer/artist/architect?
    At one point I wanted be a professional basketball player. That dream quickly faded when I got older. I think we’ve always been drawn to creative vehicles of all sorts. From claymation home movies to drawing cartoons to recording music. I think what excites us about what we’ve been able to do the last few years is the freedom to draw from a lot of different mediums and blur the line between music, design, architecture, dance, video, interactivity and much more.
  9. who inspires you daily?
    Ryan and I often talk about people we respect that have just created a space for themselves that didn’t exist before. Christo and Jean-Claude have done it. Also Frank Warren, the founder of Post Secret. We’ve collaborated with him before and its clear that all his success has been fueled by an intense passion for what he does. And no one else could do it. He’s basically created a calling that fits him like a glove. I find that really inspiring and would love to be more like that.
  10. what is your favourite colour?
    My favorite thing about color is that it can behave differently depending on what other colors you pair it with. Kind of like notes in the musical scale. I don’t think I could answer that question either because each note or each color kind of exists in a vacuum until it is paired with others. So to answer your question: Blue.
  11. what makes your work finished for you?
    I don’t know if we’ve ever had that moment when you step back and don’t want to add or subtract anything. I think every project expands to the amount of time allotted towards it. For Listen To The Light, the Central Park app album, we had a really intense production schedule and as a result we we’re probably more productive than we’ve ever been. I think deadlinesdefine when a work is finished.
  12. what are you going to do in 10 years?
    I don’t know but I hope its something we would never have expected.

Dear Ryan and Hays, thank you for your time and effort! We owe you a couple of beers, if you ever make it to munich. Keep up with the great work and let’s stay in touch!
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